Leading the way with six powerful brands.
Panariagroup Deutschland GmbH.

With the brands Steuler Design, Grohn, Nordceram, Kerateam and Zwei Outdoor, all well-known throughout Europe, as well as the successful new brand Kerbon, the Panariagroup Deutschland is ready for take-off. Each of our brands is perfectly tailored to specific target groups and the expectations of the market. The five traditional brands focus on tiles for floors, walls and outdoor spaces, while Kerbon is the ceramic alternative for contemporary privacy solutions on the terrace, in the garden and in the bathroom.

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On-trend, design-driven tiles, exclusivity and top quality are the hallmark of the Steuler Design brand. With its innovative tile concepts, Steuler Design has established itself as one of the most successful brands in Europe and further afield. Meticulous development and high-quality workmanship are the cornerstones of this success.

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Anyone looking for style and individuality in their home is in good hands with earthenware and porcelain gres tiles from Grohn. The wide variety of wall and floor tiles provides the opportunity to create highly individual living spaces. With the 6mm series, the Grohn brand perfectly reflects the high standards of its customers.

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Form and function are what make the Nordceram brand so unmistakable. State-of-the-art production methods provide the tiles with a unique appearance. Perfect for people for whom an individual personal style is paramount. The brand is characterised by purist authenticity in both the private and commercial sectors.

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Elegant, expressive, stylish – exquisite surfaces and designs that are tailored to customers’ tastes provide a wide variety of design options for individual living preferences. Kerateam ensures the highest quality of workmanship with the use of local raw materials and domestic production.

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Anyone who wants to brighten up their terrace, balcony or pathways with outdoor slab tiles with a difference should make sure they take a look at Zwei I Outdoor. Neither major temperature fluctuations nor excessively wet weather can harm these slab tiles. They are slip-resistant, very robust and particularly easy to lay.

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Kerbon is a completely new dimension in break resistance, durability and flexibility for privacy and shower screens. As a fusion of ceramics and solid layer material, Kerbon is the modern alternative to stone and glass. This is why Kerbon has also been awarded the Red Dot Award 2022 in the main category “Product Design 2022 / Material and Surfaces” as well as in the meta-category “Innovative Product”. When it comes to safety and flexibility, Kerbon sets completely new standards.

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