The Zwei | Outdoor brand.

Their extremely high breaking load combined with an outstanding resistance to weathering make Zwei | Outdoor slab tiles the brand of choice for the versatile design of patios, balconies and footpaths. This is why Zwei | Outdoor slab tiles are also ideal for laying on support pads, on a gravel bed, on sand or lawn, but also when permanently glued. The slab tiles can withstand wide fluctuations in temperature as well as unusually wet conditions and heavy mechanical loads without any difficulty.

Zwei | Outdoor slab tiles are also available with matching shaped parts for steps or pool surrounds. This also facilitates uniform designs over large outdoor areas. The slab tiles, which are just 2 cm thick, are not only designed to be highly slip-resistant, but are also UV and frost-resistant, easy to clean, very robust and simple to lay.

ZWEI Outdoor

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