Site Leisnig.
The headquarter of the company.

The Panariagroup Deutschland GmbH has its headquarter in Leisnig.

The Leisnig site was founded in 1995 and produces primarily for the volume market. Thanks to the use of state-of-the-art production technology, Kerateam is able to quickly and efficiently incorporate the latest trends and formats. Individually tailored to the increasingly fast changes in customer requirements.

Kerateam is different. From the extraction of raw materials to the on-site laying of tiles, Kerateam has always gone its own way. As a member of the Saxon Environmental Alliance and the IBU Institut Bauen und Wohnen e.V. (Institute for Construction and Housing), Kerateam is especially committed to sustainability, a regional focus and environmentally friendly business practices. The result is the highest quality at an attractive price.

The factory in figures:

Start of production: 1997
Production capacity: 6.2 million square meters
Employees: 180
Area: 16 hectares

Standorte Panariagroup Deutschland

Showroom in Leisnig


Kerastraße 1
04703 Leisnig

Telefon: 034321 663 0

Office and Showroom in Mühlacker


Industriestraße 78
75417 Mühlacker

Phone: 07041 801 110


Office and Showroom in Bremen


Schönebecker Straße 101
28759 Bremen

Phone: 0421 6262 0